tradition in a
new Mindex era!


With a market history that began in 2017, Mindex has always aimed to be a reference in ecosystems, security, and reliability! After a journey of experience in the crypto universe, Mindex reinvented itself, and now we have MindexNew!
A token from the Tron network that returns completely new, and ready to conquer the market! With the addition of a new smart contract, Mindex seeks to move the market, ensuring the relaunch of the asset with a new face.

Our goal transcends success, we seek to ensure even more quality, usability, and the globalization of the asset.

Be part of the new!

TRON platform

The new version of Mindex is a token with a contract hosted by TRON, a blockchain-based decentralized platform. The service enables the creation of smart contracts and encourages the creation of DApps within the TRON ecosystem, offering a high-scalability blockchain support.

Global development

Mindexnew was designed by a team focused on expansion and appreciation. Therefore, every detail is strategically adjusted for its growth, as well as the Mindex community's!

New Opportunities

Mindexnew was launched in the market based on Mindex principles of being a global asset! That's why we ensure that our users actively participate in this new era, with tokens converted in their Mindexwallet!

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An encrypted platform that enables operations exclusively in MindexNew, with all the Mindex agility and reliability!
Meet the Wallet with te following MINDEXNEW features: Storage, Transferences, Receivings, Withdrawals, Keep track of your operations.
Yet, through the integration between MindexWallet and MindexPay, your e-commerce will be able to receive payments in MindexNew. The payments are credited directly into your MindexWallet, thanks to MindexPay's API!

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Following the growth of the cryptocurrencies, MINDEXPAY was developed as a payment system that aims to enable all users to include these assets in their daily lives, with safety and simplicity!
With the API exclusive system, MindexPay allows you to integrate your business, physical or digital, so you can receive your payments also in encrypted assets, widening your company, and a quick and bureaucracy-free way!
The payments are accounted for and deposited in your Wallet in a matter of minutes!
Make and receive payments through an encrypted system that brings all the agility you need!

RoadMap Mindex


New Smart Contract: evolution one step away!


After the consolidation of a new and complete ecosystem, Mindex is taking another step with a new contract! With the appreciation of the asset, it is time for growth and global expansion!